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For a radiant complexion


CANDÈS, the expert beauty brand for a radiant complexion !

Candès skincare are designed to clarify, unify and enhance the complexion. Hydroquinone free, paraben free, they suit every skin complexion for a radian complexion  and natural glowy skin :  Candès complexion !

Cosmepharma-Candes products, made in France, are compliant with European regulation of cosmetics and they are available exclusively in Africa,

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Do you want clear and radiant skin? Regular and adapted care is essential. Every month, discover our Beauty Tips!

For beautiful skin, there is one golden rule to follow: every morning and evening, cleanse and moisturise your skin! Cleanse: Your first reflex for a radiant complexion. This reflex clears the skin of all its accumulated impurities, such as sebum, dust, dead cells and the residue of cosmetics applied to the skin.  Why is this so important? Without this step, the skin becomes...

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What the press says: Candès Lightening Oil praised in Amina magazine.

“In the Candès range of lightening skin care, discover, or rediscover, the sublime Candès Lightening Oil! This dry, non-greasy, oil is packed with lightening natural ingredients for a gradual and even result. Nourishing vegetable oils of Avocado, Hazelnut and Calendula, combined with Phytoretinol® stimulate the skin’s vitality and enhance radiance. Your complexion is lighter, more...

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